Another 12 m² beech forest are protected

After a beautiful fairy-tale music evening, which I was allowed to join with my music, another 12 m² ancient beech forest are protected with the proceeds of the evening via the Waldakademie Hümmel. Thanks to the Erzählgemeinschaft Märchenbrunnen for the good collaboration and all the listeners and visitors.

The Waldakademie Hümmel was founded by Peter Wohlleben to protect forests and to make forestry more sustainable. The "UrwaldProjekt" of the Waldakademie makes it possible to protect ancient beech forests located in Hümmel. For more information visit:

Let us protect even more forests and animals together and inspire each other! Protect forests by listening to music: Download the album "Healing green" on INICAT or bandcamp to protect ancient beech forests.

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