Jam session in the forest – New album in progress

Playing music in nature is relaxing. Especially when a concert of birds and a splashing stream origin joins your jam-session. For the next SoundPlaning-Album I recorded an guitar song live at the Kocherursprung. My good friend and filmmaker Robin Seifert (www.robinseifert.de) filmed me and created this beautiful video:

The new album will support BOS to save the last Orang-Utans and rain forests in Borneo by donating the profits of the album (for more infos visit my blog and www.orangutan.or.id). It will take some time until this album is finished and available. Until then you can listen to and download the current SoundPlanting-Album "Healing green" on INICAT and bandcamp to protect ancient beech forests in Germany.

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Background photography by Robin Seifert: www.robinseifert.de