Cycle of existence – Everything is connected

Energy is never lost, but changes its form fluently. The very foundation of life. Especially old forests are important. Because they store huge amounts of carbondioxid, are more stable concerning the climate changes, offer habitat for rare animal species and are beyond any price for the whole ecosystem.

Newly planted or cultivated forests need centuries to fully recover from human cultivation and to reach their natural level. Just as the fragmented pieces of the rainforests that are not nearly as much stable like the enrooted and complex primeval forests. The species extinction even intensifies the situation since plants and animals depend on each other and live in a symbiotic relationship.


Therefore the old forests like the last ancient beech forests in Germany deserve protection ( Every creature has its position in the cycle of existence. Only with the expansion of our consciousness and compassion we can make these cycles work.


Help to protect these old forests by purchasing the SoundPlanting-Music (available on bandcamp) and sharing the project.

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