Clear-cutting for breakfast – How our decisions shape the world

We often think: "I can't do something about it" and we're told: "You can't change the world anyway!" Maybe these thoughts are legitimate but the truth is: You make the difference – why should you be on planet earth otherwise? Because, even if you don't change the world directly, you may inspire the mind that has the sparkling idea, finds the exact words and the courage to realize them.

But if we don't feel what we do to our environment devastating consequences arise. Especially our bio fuel and palm oil consum is dramatic whereby the species-riches rain forests are cut down and the last orangutans are killed. Our actions are so influential that they can cause exploitation, suffering and nature destruction on the back of beyond and so we bite the hand that feeds.

That's why SoundPlanting is going to support BOS with the second album. They protect large areas of the rain forests in Borneo and they take care of orangutans in great need. For more information visit

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