Music that protects ancient beech forests – SoundPlanting supports "Wilde Buche"

The first co-operation partner of the SoundPlanting-Project is certain: Wilde Buche – a project of the ForestFinance-Group. SoundPlanting supports the project "Wilde Buche" with the album "Healing green".

The project

"Wilde Buche" protects ancient beech forests in Germany for at least 50 years. In Rheinland-Pfalz, more precisely in the Eifel near the township Hümmel there is such a beech forest. An unique ecosystem with rare animal and plant species, on soil that is 4.000 years old and that acutely deserves protection. There are three protection packages to make sure that this forest remains unaffected: Package 1 protects 1 square meter forest for 9,99 €, package 2 protects already 10 square meters for 99 € and package 3 protects even 500 square meters for 2900 €. 

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What's so special about ancient beech forests?

Beeches are native trees in central Europe and were once the dominating tree species of the central european primeval forests. And they still would be dominating our forests by nature. Many animal species depend directly on the beech and can't find a home in the spruce plantations of the working forests. Especially old beeches offer habitat for countless creatures and have a high water storage effect that improves the quality of the groundwater and soil. 

How music protects ancient beech forests

If you buy the album "Healing green", the profits are used to buy protection packages from the project "Wilde Buche". In this way, you protect exceptionally old beech forests for at least 50 years.

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