The SoundPlanting-Project begins - Debut Album "Healing green"

SoundPlanting - The project begins

Music that protects nature - that's the idea behind the SoundPlanting-Project. Plant trees, nature and animal conservation and expand our consciousness for a more sustainable life. Because encouragement and thoughts that intend to inspire you are also meant to be "planted" with the SoundPlanting-Project.

In the strict sense the project already started in spring 2016 as the idea to dedicate an album to the trees sprouted. Gradually, the idea blossomed out and the SoundPlanting-Project began to take shape. For the beginning I'm excited to present you the first album "Healing green" (anticipated release in March 2017). In future I will announce news and backgrounds in this blog. Above all I'm looking forward to your thoughts and questions that you can write in the comment section below.

An album for the trees

With 12 songs and an E-Booklet the album "Healing green" will start the SoundPlanting-Project. The songs are enrooted with each other so that they tell a story which is up to you to interpret. The album intends to deliver insights into the world of the ecosystem forest and especially trees. Creatures that we hardly understand and yet they are the fundament for so many life-forms. For a closer look into the forest the album includes the E-Booklet.

How music plants trees

The album "Healing green" is inspired by forests and has the intention to protect them. On bandcamp you can buy the album (anticipated release in march 2017). The profits are used to support selected nature conservation and tree planting projects. I will announce precisely which projects and organizations will be supported. To make sure you know what happens to the proceeds, I'll write blog posts regularly to make it as transparent as possible. 

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